What Exactly Is A Content Writer?

If you are planning on starting a career that is based online and you know for a fact that you are a good writer, you have several options that will automatically be right up your alley.

One is to get into the world of transcribing, which accounts for a substantial chunk of the online writing business, with many international clients sourcing out their basic transcribing needs.

Another is to get into translating, which would be an easy and convenient move if you naturally speak two languages (i.e. English and Chinese), as a lot of companies today pay good money to have even just a single document translated from one language to the other.

Possibly the most organic and strategic move, however, if you are interested in getting more variety in your work, is to join the ranks of content writers.

But what does it mean to be among those content writers anyway? If it seems a little vague, don’t fret because that speaks of the exact nature of the job.

Content WritersIn today’s data-filled Internet world, you are fed so much information everywhere you look. The moment you get on your computer, when you check things out with your smartphone, or upon opening up your social media accounts on your tablet, you immediately dive into a world of information. Whether it is news, entertainment, or other interest-based information, all of it can come as images, videos, slideshows, lists, blog posts, articles, write-ups, and whatever else. All these different bits of things fall into what many call “content.”

With so much content to produce every minute of every day, you need to have dedicated professionals constantly creating and putting out all the information in their respective mediums. As a content writer, yours is, obviously, written content. This includes articles for news websites, online magazines, corporate blogs, and even copy for businesses and government entities.

You can be doing a little bit of product description, promotional text for advertisements, press releases, and others of the like. This may seem like a job for regular journalists, bloggers, or marketing professionals, but what separates content writers is the very fact that they write for the Internet. That means, there are certain unique strategies employed to make the original written content stand out.

Consider the job of a content writer as an umbrella position that encompasses all of writing, editing, researching, electronic publishing, designing, and digital marketing. It is not just straightforward writing about a certain subject and then putting it out there. You have to put on different hats and consider the various aspects of creating this content that you are placing onto the pages of the Web.

With your editor hat, you must make sure that your piece essentially makes sense and that you are properly expressing what you need to say. The piece must be technically good and devoid of any spelling or grammatical errors, lest you appear not credible online.

With your researcher hat, you have to be on point with your information, gathering correct data from legitimate sources – unless, of course, you are providing content for tabloids or blogs that do not necessarily require factual data. With brands and official business entities though, everything must be accurate.

With your designer and publisher hats, you need to consider how your written content will appear on the page online and whether whatever you decide is the best way or not. Does it need to be formatted a particular way? Would a heading in a certain font be necessary? How much visual material should you add to make it more readable?

Finally, with your digital marketer hat, you need to know how all that you have created will be promoted on the Web. How will you make sure your content turns up in search rankings? Did you use the best keywords? Does it adhere to SEO best practices?
Joining the ranks of content writers requires a lot of skill and smarts. It is one of the most fundamental roles to take on when aiming to produce optimum, reliable, strategic written content for the online world.

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