Purchasing Military Challenge Coins

Military challenge coins usually bear the emblem of a particular organization, such as a club, a police department, military, fire department, etc., and are carried around by its members to enable them prove their membership when challenged. They can also be given out as a token to those people who pay visit to the organization. It is a sign that such person has gained acceptance to, or has been recognized by, the group, boosting morale and credibility.

In purchasing these military coins, there are many options to choose from. One of the most convenient ways is to purchase online. Here you can be sure to get a variety of them at a price that best fits your budget. However, the online market is somehow risky since you do not get to interact much with the seller. You will therefore need to be very careful in selecting the site to buy them from. Make sure you buy from a seller who has a good reputation and offers protection to the customers.

Reputable sites have high ratings of customer satisfaction based on their good reviews on various coin-related forums. They guarantee that customers get the value of their money by ensuring order specifications are followed and delivered in a timely manner. Unlike other websites where the mode of communication is only through e-mail, these sites allow you to talk to one of their coin experts, which allow you to save time when verifying any information or asking further questions before placing an order.

Military challenge coinsAdditionally, they also have a wide range of military coins options; and in the event that the coin you want is not yet available, you only need to leave an order and you will be notified once it becomes available.

Must You Buy What Is On the Market?

You do not have to buy what the market offers you if you are creative enough. You can have your military coins custom-made to suit your needs. You only need to tell the manufacturer what design you have in mind and let their designer sketch it for you and have you approved it or make necessary changes, or you can sketch the design yourself. Aside from the design, the coin features that you also have the freedom to select are the shape, the edge’s cut, sequential numbering, and coating.

Manufacturers now already have advanced tools in coin production, specifically 3D printing, that allow them to achieve complicated and unique designs. This technology advancement also significantly lowered the production cost, so bulk ordering is no longer required. In fact, you can now order a single custom-made coin at a surprisingly affordable price.

Cleaning and Storing Coins

It is never advisable to clean military coins with chemicals as it can damage the coin and affects its value. Not unless it is totally necessary, never try it.

However, if you really want to clean it because it was stuck in the mud or for whatever similar reason, here are some few tips on how you should do it: Clean them gently in warm soapy water using a very small amount of very mild detergent. Do not use a brush or a cloth to clean, just your hands. Rinse in clean cold running water and air to dry or gently tap with a clean, soft towel.

When storing coins, the temperature of the location plays a very important role. The area should not be cold or humid as they can cause the coin to rust. The ideal place to store them is the bedroom, the den, or a room with a similar temperature. However, do not just toss them in the drawer. Use an appropriate coin folder, coin glass, or coin album.

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