Movable Cubicles – What You Need to Know

With the growing number of abandoned movable cubicles sitting on almost all the shipyards across the globe, their disposal is almost impossible. From their outset in the manufacturing plants in Asia, these steel containers travel across the globe both by land and by sea for a maximum of twelve years to serve its then sole purpose—to ship products and luxury goods across the world.

They are built to be highly durable that even after they have served their purpose, they are still usable not as cargo containers, but as prefabricated mobile offices or homes. Most of these steel containers don’t even reach their maximum lifespan and are usually left empty on shipyards. Shipping companies find it more expensive to ship back empty containers than to buy new ones. There are these “one-tripper” containers that are as good as new as they only have traveled once and these are mounting up in every shipyards across the globe. Where do we expect these pile of steel containers will end up?

Up Cycling Movable Cubicles

Up until this date, architects and artists alike find more and more ideas on how to up cycle these prefabricated steel containers. The years that the trade industry have used and discarded steel containers have left almost a mountain of unused empty steel containers on the dockyards. These containers are just everywhere and people needed to get rid of them, otherwise they might pile up and invade a whole country.

Movable CubiclesThey were used as mobile offices on construction sites for the longest time because contractors find it as a cheaper alternative to building a concrete site office. From there, architects and contractors saw more potential to these steel cubicles and re-purposed them as beautiful vacation cabins. In a short period of time, houses made out of steel containers grew like mushrooms in most states and in the countries that are near the shipyards.

The evolution of movable cubicles didn’t stop at tiny modern houses. Business owners got creative with these prefabricated steel containers and made retail shops, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and dormitories out of them as well.

How Much Do Steel Containers Cost?

A used steel container costs around $900 to $3000 a piece depending on its condition and size. A brand new shipping container costs around $3000 to over $5000 a piece depending on its size. Including the delivery fee that specialty companies charge their buyers, the price of a storage container is way cheaper than building concrete edifices.

They are also prefabricated which means that they come in regular shapes and don’t need much work for modification and adjustments. They can easily be sliced up and then linked together to have a wider floor space or higher ceilings.

How to Buy Movable Cubicles?

The first thing you want to prepare in buying anything is your budget. You want to go as cheap as possible without compromising the quality of the product. The best place to look for brand new and used shipping containers is online. Most specialty companies have their own website where they post images of the containers that are up for sale along with their prices. They also have their hotline posted in case you have inquiries. Online selling sites like e-bay is also a good source of information with regards to pricing and your options. If you want more details about movable cubicles, visit

To make everything easier, look for one-stop shop specialty companies. If you intend to make a small cabin out of your storage containers, find a company that will give you a good deal with the storage containers’ price and will refer you to home building experts. This will save you time and money.