Major Benefits from Pawning with

What should you do if you find yourself needing cash fast? What do you do if you find yourself in a financial fix?
One of the more popular options is to go to a reputable pawn shop with your valuables. A pawn shop gives out loans on jewelry, watches and other valuables. They give fast cash for these items.

majorpawnIf you have gold, silver, platinum and other valuables to pawn, make sure that you pawn them with the right pawnshop. Look for a pawnshop in your area that gets good feedback from their clients. It should be a reputable pawn shop – one who has distinguished itself in the industry for its reliability, honesty and excellent service to clients.

Find out how the pawn shop keeps the items that clients pawn with them. Do they have safe and reliable security systems? Are they insured and bonded? Are they duly licensed by the state to do commerce in this particular field?

You will find several pawn shops near your area. How do you choose which one to go to?

If you need short-term cash fast, the best way is to go to You can easily turn diamond, gold, platinum and silver into instant cash. You can easily pawn watches, jewelry and coins and get instant cash.

What are the major advantages of doing business with

•    It is safe to do business with us.


Doing business with a pawn shop involves some amount of risk. Make sure that you reduce this risk by choosing a pawn shop that is licensed to engage in the pawn business in your locale. This ensures that that pawn shop adheres to the exacting federal and state regulations implemented for your protection.

We make sure to insure all the items that we receive in the event that these get damaged or stolen while in our possession. We are licensed, insured and bonded.

•    We have established a respectable name in this business.


When you do business with a pawn shop, make sure that the pawn shop is reliable, knowledgeable, and highly regarded.
With more than 20 years in the business, is one of the pawn shops regarded with deep respect. You can do business with us without worrying about safety or security. We know the ins and outs in the pawnshop and lending business. We aspire for constant excellence in serving our clients.

•    We are ideally located.


You need to ask yourself several key questions when considering a pawn shop. Is the pawnshop accessible to and from your place? Is it located in a safe location?

If you are from Suffolk County, Nassau County, or Queens, our pawn shop is the place to go. We have been serving people in these areas since 1989.

•    We are fair in our dealings with our clients.


pawn shopAsk what kind of terms the pawn shop offers to its clients.

We offer fair interest rates. You can trust us to keep all your information private and confidential.

You can get loans on your gold or diamonds without any strings attached. You get cash for your valuables – and you can opt not to repay your loans.

Our interest rates are regulated by the State of New York. This means that you obtain top dollar for your valuables. It is not surprising that we are the go-to pawnshop for a great number of people. People who want immediate cash loans choose us. People who want to sell diamond, gold and silver opt to transact with us. has repayment terms that are among the most flexible in the industry. If you want to extend your loan, you only have to pay the finance charges.

•    It is easy and convenient to do business with us.


Choose a pawn shop for the ease and convenience you enjoy when you transact with them.
Do you need fast cash? We are happy to help you out of your predicament. Bring us your valuables and we give you the cash for them. You do not have to go through long waiting lines. You do not have to fill up comprehensive application forms. You do not even have to present a credit card. You just have to bring whatever it is that you want to pawn – and you go home with the much-needed cash.

Depending on the assessment of your valuables, you can get cash of the commensurate amount. There is no limit to what you pawn.

We treat every client with respect. Our employees are courteous and helpful. If you have any concerns, we are just too happy to help clarify things for you.

We make things easy for you. You may go to other pawn shops and compare client service. Other pawn shops will not even take the time to assess your watch if it is broken. We do no such thing. We buy new valuables; but we also accept valuables even if they are broken or used. Ask around and you will find that we are reputed for being the pawn and jewelry shop that gives you quick cash for your valuables.

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